Tips on birds

Birds can live several years and are marvelous companions. They entertain with their signing and their presence. If you are interested in getting a little feathery friend, come and see us, we can advise you amongst the species that we have in store.

Choose the Right Type of Bird

Each kind has its specific characteristics. We can inform you and guide you so you can choose the right species for your needs. Some kinds are very funny and can even learn tricks or how to talk. It is important to think thoroughly about what you are looking for before choosing a bird. For example, its size, ways of communication (talking, singing, screaming), its needs for attention, etc. You must take a special care to choose the cage so it has adequate size and space between the bars.

In store you can find specialized food and all the accessories that you will need for your new flying friend. It will be our pleasure to share our passion for birds !