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Get the essentials for exotic birds and wild birds at Pattes & Griffes Bedford

Do you want to install a bird feeder in your garden to feed wild birds? Would you like to offer quality seed to your domestic birds? Or are you looking for birds for sale that have been raised in good condition?

Come to Pattes & Griffes Bedford, the pet shop reference in the South of Eastern Townships, affiliated with Pattes et Griffes.
Seed mixes, bird cages, water tanks, odor control products: you will find everything you need for wild birds and exotic birds.

If you are looking for a very specific product, do not hesitate to contact Pattes & Griffes Bedford, otherwise these professionals will be delighted to welcome you in store from Monday to Saturday.


Did you know that depending on the species of bird you want to feed, some seeds are more suitable than others? At Pattes & Griffes Bedford, enjoy a wide choice of bird seeds, sold in mixtures or not. Whether you want to feed your canaries, parakeets or the wild birds that come to your home, shop for exactly what you need, no more and no less!

Concerned about providing their customers with top quality products, Pattes & Griffes Bedford professionals only work with brands known for the quality of their products, such as Vitakraft Sun Seed, Ecotrition and Versele Laga. Quality assurance for your exotic or wild birds.

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Do you want to transform your land into a welcoming space for wild birds? Or do you want to spoil your domestic birds? Pattes & Griffes Bedford offers many accessories for exotic birds and wild birds. From simple feeders to dry bone, water tank and bird toys, discover a wide range of bird products at Pattes & Griffes Bedford.

Installed indoors or outdoors, these accessories will improve the comfort of your domestic birds or wild birds that nest around your home.

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Need a specific bird product?

Ask if it’s in store at 450 248-0755

Health and Hygiene

Welcoming exotic birds into your home is very pleasant, but it can have a downside that you don’t necessarily think about at first: odors. At Pattes & Griffes Bedford, you can shop for natural cleaning products to clean your birdcage and neutralize odors.

In addition to these hygiene products, you will also find food supplements to keep your birds healthy, but also products to take care of their plumage.

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Birds sale

Elegant and endearing, birds are domestic animals with which it is pleasant to live daily. They are wonderful companions who can live for many years. Do you want to adopt one or more birds? At Pattes & Griffes Bedford, various species of birds for sale are offered, including parakeets, canaries, zebra finches and lovebirds.

Don’t hesitate to seek advice if you are unsure of which bird to choose. At your service and attentive to your needs, the boutique team will be happy to answer your questions and advise you.

Contact Pattes & Griffes Bedford team

Do you need a seed mix for parakeets or a seed container to place in your garden? Come to Pattes & Griffes Bedford, your pet shop in the South of Eastern Townships!

For all inquiries, contact these professionals by phone at 450 248-0755 or by email by filling out the form on the contact page.

Note that in addition to products for birds, this animal store also offers food, accessories and hygiene and health products for cats, dogs, fish and small animals.