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Create the best environment for your fish at Pattes & Griffes Bedford

Create the best environment for your fish at Pattes & Griffes Bedford

Do you want to buy some fish? Do you need a new aquarium? Or do you want to improve the one you already have by installing a better-quality filter?

Visit Pattes & Griffes Bedford, your number 1 pet store in the South of Eastern Townships, affiliated with Pattes et Griffes.
Whether your finned companions are goldfish, platy, neon or any other species, find everything you need to provide them with a good living environment at Pattes & Griffes Bedford.

If necessary, contact them without hesitation or come visit them directly in store, from Monday to Saturday.


Are you looking for fish quality food? Whether you have tropical fish, groundfish, goldfish, cichlids, bettas or other species of fish, enjoy a wide selection of fish food at Pattes & Griffes Bedford.

All the best brands come in pellet or flake formats, including Nutrafin, NorthFin, and Tetra. If you need some guidance on your purchases, the Pattes & Griffes Bedford team will be happy to advise you on your fish.

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While fish are undoubtedly among the smallest pets, they still require a lot of equipment, starting with aquarium. At Pattes & Griffes Bedford, many types of aquariums are available, in different sizes to suit your fish. Depending on your needs, these aquariums can be sold equipped or not.

In addition to aquariums, you can get all the accessories you need to make your aquarium a healthy and pleasant environment for your fish. Filters, thermometers, water treatment products and decorative accessories: you will find everything to set up your aquarium and be ready to welcome your fish.

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Need a specific fish product?

Ask if it’s in store at 450 248-0755

Health and Hygiene

To keep your fish healthy and to prevent bacteria from growing in the aquarium, it is important to use hygiene products. At Pattes & Griffes Bedford, you can shop for products to treat tap water and improve its quality, as well as supplements to pour into the water to create a healthy biological environment and cleaning products that help maintain the aquarium water.

Do you have questions about these products? Don’t hesitate to ask them to Pattes & Griffes Bedford team for specific answers and tailored recommendations.

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Fish sale

Both calm and fascinating, fish are easy-going companions that appeal to children and adults alike. However, fish require a very special environment and it is important to think about the surface area you have before bringing them into your home. Indeed, fish that live in an aquarium that is too small are never very happy.

At Pattes & Griffes Bedford, enjoy a large selection of fish, including cichlids, neon glowlight, platy, goldfish and betta. If you are in doubt and do not know which species to choose, seek advice from pet professionals. Well informed about the characteristics of each species, they will be able to tell you which ones would suit you best and which could coexist together.

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Contact Pattes & Griffes Bedford today

Do you want to buy fish and the accessories to build a beautiful aquarium? Pattes & Griffes Bedford offers you all the equipment you need to welcome your fish into your home!

For any inquiries, contact them from Monday to Saturday by phone at 450 248-0755 or by email by filling out the form on the contact page.

Note that in addition to products for fish, this animal store also offers food, accessories and hygiene and health products for cats, dogs, birds and small animals.