Tips on fish

How to choose your fish ?

How to choose your fish ?

The first step before choosing your fish is testing your tap water (pH, Gh). To adapt your water for your fish is much more difficult and requires more equipment and verification.

Once you know your water features and have chosen your fish tank, you can determine which fish will live in it. The main mistake rookie makes is to want too many fish in a too small aquarium and too many species that have different needs. 

Species Characteristics

You have to consider many things, like adult size and their social behaviour. Many species like to live in a group or as a couple, therefore, you must have enough space for all of them. Some kinds are predators for small fish or aggressive in the presence of other males. You must choose species that can live together and have the same water requirements.

In conclusion, we strongly suggest that you learn more on each species needs and different possibilities of cohabitation before choosing your fish.

Good to know: you must have 1 liter of water for 1 cm of fish.

If you have questions on fish or the equipment necessary, our team is there to help you !