Tips on small animals

Small animals like rodents have many perks including their size and their very interesting lifestyle. They can awaken curiosity and a sense of responsibility in young children. However, their handling is still a delicate business. Therefore, the emotional connection is not like the one you could develop with a cat or a dog. For example, hamsters can succumb from too much agitation. 

On the other hand, guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits are more compatible with toddlers because they accept snuggles more easily, unlike gerbils.

Which kind should you adopt?

To choose well, you must know if you would like more than one animal because some kinds can't live without a companion, while some of them have a difficult relationship with their own. For example, guinea pigs are better off with some friends.

Be careful, because rodents are prolific. Unless you want to find yourself with a couple of litters, avoid mixing sexes. For some species, a companion is highly recommended. Especially if you are away from home during the day.  However, the golden hamster can be aggressive in the presence of other males.

Some animals are nocturnal: if you want to enjoy their company during the day, you should avoid hamsters. Guinea pigs and mice are diurnal though.

You must also get a big enough cage and all the supply necessary for your little companion's care like a spinner for hamsters.

If you are unsure of your choice or have questions about small animals, it would be our pleasure to help you !